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School Bus & Children

Hippie Pops Fundraising • Schools • Camps

Hippie Pops Fundraising • Schools • Camps

Looking for the perfect healthy treat for

your school, camp or group fundraiser?

We have something for everyone!

Hippie Pops and Hippie Tubes are hand-crafted using only fresh fruit, never frozen. OUR NUMBER ONE INGREDIENT IS FRUIT!!
We use seasonal, local, organic ingredients when possible.
• Vegan • Gluten-Free • Peanut-Free
                           • Low and No Sugar added sugar options • Allergy Aware               
Hippie Pops are PPM-150 Compliant - Schools love us!
Want to know more about Ontario's School Food and Beverage Policy? Click HERE

The Others:

Storebrand &"healthy" freezies

  1. First ingredient is water

  2. glucose-fructose

  3. apple juice & fruit concentrates

  4. unpronouncable ingredients

  5. artificial colour/flavours

organic fruit super fruit freezies.png
organic fruit super fruit freezies.png

Hippie Tubes

Healthy Fresh Fruit Freezies for Kids

hippie tubes.jpg

Proud to be partnering with LUNCHBOX ORDERS

See if your child's school

is participating!


  1. First ingredient is Fresh Fruit, never frozen

  2. Organic Cane sugar syrup added to taste depending on flavour, under 1/2 tsp (2g)
  3. Natural fruit sugars from FRESH fruit only - no concentrates ever

  4. NO added preservatives

  5. NO artificial colours                                          or flavours

Hippie Pops & Tubes

Handmade Natural and Locally-Made

watermelon kiwi.png
lunchbox orders.png

More info: or 416-524-8775

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