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strawberry - fresh ontario strawberries, fresh cold-pressed lime juice, touch of organic cane sugar, cold water

pink lemonade with raspberries - fresh cold-pressed lemons, fresh cold water, ontario raspberries, organic cane sugar

pina colada - fresh pineapple, pure coconut milk (zero added sugar)

café mocha - fresh brewed Mexican Sumatra Blend coffee, oat milk, coconut milk, organic cane sugar. drizzle - coconut oil, maple syrup, coconut sugar

fudgesicle - oat milk vanilla ice cream base, coconut milk, organic cocoa, organic cane sugar

blood orange clementine - fresh cold pressed blood oranges, navel orange and clementines

orange clementine - fresh orange juice and oat-based vanilla cream

fuzzy peach - ontario whole peaches, sparkling white wine, cherry

pink whitney lemonade - fresh cold-pressed lemons, organic cane sugar, fresh cold water, ontario strawberries and raspberries, pink whitney vodka

lime mojito - fresh lime, mint, strawberry, organic cane sugar

matcha green tea latte
- organic matcha green tea, coconut milk, vanilla, organic cane sugar

questions about our ingredients?
please email us at or call 416-524-8775

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